Here are some of the projects I have worked on for research or during my spare time.

The Royal Corgi is a game where the characters react to the player's gaze in realistic, human-like ways. It shows social gaze has great potential to increase immersion in virtual environments.

Shynosaurs is a game of attention dilemma. Would you rather use your eyes to see, or to stare down a Shynosaur?

Several techniques to detect when someone wearing a transparent display is looking at the display or at the world, and to manage this information for more intelligent user interfaces.

An ongoing project about using a natural movement of our eyes to interact with displays in a seamless way.

An application of Pursuits that uses moving targets for a robust calibration procedure.

An algorithm that allows the detection of smooth pursuits in eye movement data in real time.

A robotic bartender that judges your dancing ability and gives you a different cocktail depending on your performance!