I am a wearable interaction researcher at Thalmic Labs' Advanced R&D department and a TalentEdge fellow.

I earned my PhD in Human-Computer Interactions at Lancaster University in the United Kingdom, under the supervision of Hans Gellersen and Andreas Bulling. My work focused on the applications of eye-tracking for human-computer interactions, and more specifically the use of natural eye movements to achieve seamless experiences. I am generally interested in:

  • Wearable computing
  • Haptics and tangibles
  • Body-based interfaces
  • Human-robot interaction
  • Games research

Get in touch: (firstname)@thalmic.com


July 2016: I received funding under the TalentEdge Fellowship for a second year.

July 2015: I was granted a TalentEdge Fellowship by the Ontario Centre of Excellence.

May 2015: Off to Thalmic!

April 2015: I presented my work on social gaze interaction at CHI in Seoul.

March 2015: All done! You can find my PhD thesis under "Publications."

December 2014: My paper on using gaze with video games characters got accepted in CHI'15.

December 2014: I submitted my thesis! Defense in March.

December 2014: I was interviewed by the Scientific American on eye tracking for Google Glass.